How does ICF-Therm work?

ICF-Therm polystyrene blocks are assembled on-site to create a formwork wall into which horizontal and vertical steel reinforcement are fixed for extra strength. Once braced, the formwork is then filled with readymix concrete. The ICF-Therm blocks remain in place permanently to create a super-insulated monolithic concrete structure.

How does Raft Therm work?

The Raft Therm system combines the strength of reinforced concrete with the insulating benefits of expanded polystyrene to deliver long-term thermal benefits to the building user.

What’s the thermal performance?

The thermal performance of a wall structure depends on two key measures - ‘thermal mass’ (the ability of the exterior envelope to store heat and release it over a 24-hour period) and ‘thermal storage’ (the ability of the building material to minimise temperature fluctuations and stabilise internal conditions).