Stage 1   Foundation Rising Walls (1 Crew - 1 Day)

For thermal bridging reasons normally the ICF Therm process starts from above the foundation. The main contractors site engineer will set out the details on the foundations and the Altherm certified Installer will work to these parameters.
The ICF Therm foundation wall will rise to the agreed level. Access points are cored through the foundation walls for service at locations agreed by the Main Contractor. DPCs and floor insulations are placed as per standard practice.

  • SET OUT - ICF rising walls minimise thermal heat loss.
  • BACK FILLING - As per standard practice.
  • SERVICES - 4 & 6" holes for services before concrete pour. Concrete pour: 9 m3 per semi.
  • RANDON DPC - As per standard practice.
  • SUB FLOOR - Insulation and concrete installed as per typical building practice.