Stage 2  Ground Floor (1 Crew - 2 Days)

The ICF Therm block is taken off the rising wall in the same method as a tradition block would be constructed. ICF Therm certified installers prop the walls along with strapping any areas of concern. Pockets are left to attach joisting.
Scaffolding rises with the wall structure. Steel is placed with the ICF Structure. The full pair of semis are poured in one continuous pour per floor.

  • GROUND FLOOR WALLS - ICF blocks are constructed on top of DPC. Concrete floor poured – Approx. 8m3 for the pair of semis.
  • STEEL DETAIL - Steel bars placed horizontally and vertically.
  • CONSTRUCTION PROCESS - Propping supports the structure whilst steel is placed into the void.
  • SERVICES - Electrical and data services are installed at this stage.
  • JOIST VOIDS - Voids are cut out of the ICF to bolt 9 x 2 joisting board.
  • CAVITY CLOSER - These form a thermal break around windows and doors along with a shutter for concrete, preventing any heat loss around these areas.
  • VERTICAL CLOSER - 400mm high vertical closers for windows and doors.
  • PROPPING OF CLOSER - Opening heads only need propping with the closer.
  • NO REVEAL - The ICF closer allows the window to be placed anywhere in the opening. Main contractor signs off on window and door openings.