Stage 3 Joisting / Precast Flooring (1 Crew - 2 Days)

Following recommended curing time of the concrete pour of the ground floor the carpenter can commence the installation of the timber or concrete joisting. Pockets are left out of the ICF to allow the carpenter to bolt fix a ledger beam. This process ensures the health and safety of the erection crews. ICF can be used in conjunction with timber or precast floors for one off housing or developments. The wall on the next floor can then be propped off this floor.

  • REMOVE SHUTTERING - The shuttering is removed to expose the concrete.
  • LEDGER BOARD - 9 x 2 ledger board is bolt fixed to the exposed concrete.
  • PLYWOOD - Finished ply can now be fixed to the joisting.
  • PRECAST - Precast floors placed / Steel on precast / Steel beam connection / Precast stairs / Lift shaft.