150mm Header Panel

Highlights: • ICF-Therm is an Insulated Concrete Formwork system used in the construction and insulation of external and internal loadbearing walls in both residential and commercial buildings.

The ICF-Therm system consists of two opposing insulation panels moulded from high density expanded polystyrene, the panels are spaced apart using high strength polypropylene webs to form straight and 90° corner ICF blocks.

To enhance the systems thermal performance, header and cavity closer panels are inserted around window and door openings. During ICF wall assembly steel reinforcement is fixed in specified locations and the wall temporarily braced. Readymix concrete is then placed into the ICF-Therm wall to deliver a super strong and air-tight insulated structure.

The ICF-Therm system is available in three different U-value options each with either a 150mm or 200mm concrete core thickness.

Technical data 150mm Header panel
Average panel thickness 60 mm
Max panel length 1200 mm
Max panel width (including castellations) 162 mm
Min panel width (excluding castellations) 150 mm
Volume / panel 0.011 m³
Avg. moulding density of EPS 24-25 kg/m³
Avg. Weight / panel 275 g
Avg. units / pallet (varies) 288
Avg. product weight / pallet (varies) 79.2 kg
Nominal thermal conductivity / unit (W/mk) 0.031
Min compressive strength 125 kPA
Min flexural strength 170 kPA
Panel side joint design Interlocking
Panel end joint design Butted
Panel composition Flame retardent expanded polystyrene
Reaction to fire Euro Class E
Panel top and bottom surface design Smooth
Uses Reduce cold bridging above window and door openings
Features Flippable and reversible